October 2017

 Upcoming Assessments: 

Rocks Test: Tuesday, Oct. 10

English Test~Ch. 1: Thursday, Oct 12

Math Test (Topic 3): Friday, Oct. 13

Memory Verse: Friday, Oct. 13


 Important Dates: 

October 16-18 ~ PINE COVE October 19-20 ~ Student Holidays November 20-24 ~ Thanksgiving Break

  • Esperanza Rising is our read aloud book.
  • Students will read 30 minutes each day for homework and record their activity in a log.
  • CH. 1 review  
  • Begin Ch. 3~Nouns 

Topic 3 ~ Multiplying Whole Numbers

  • Multiplication Properties
  • Mental Math to Multiply
  • Estimating Products
  • Multiplying by 1-digit, 2-digits, and multiple-digits
  • Exponents

  • Quizlet:  quizlet.com/47344572/good-living-chapter-4-flash-cards/         
  •        Sentence dictation
  •        IXL: Sentence Structure~A.1, A.2, A.3,  A.7, A.8, A.10
  •                Conjunctions~G.1
  •                Prepositions~F.1 and F.2
  •       4th grade IXL: Nouns~B.1 and B.2
  •                               Verbs~D.2 and D.3
  •                                     Pronouns~C.1 and C.3             
Chapter 2 ~ European Exploration and Settlement
  • Age of Exploration
  • The First European Explorers
  • Treatment of American Indians
  • First Settlements in North America


Social Studies the next few weeks.


  •  We will work on Ch. 4 in our Vocabulary books.
  •  Students will be required to complete 2  exercises/week.  I will check student books each  Friday for completion.

  • Students will praise God for Life.
  • Ezekiel and the dry bones 
  •  Ezekiel 37:1-14
  • Memory Verse:

Philippians 2:15

  "that you may be blameless and innocent,
     children of God without blemish in the
     midst of a crooked and twisted generation,
     among whom you shine as lights in the world"

Wish List

Indoor Recess Games: Jenga, Connect Four...

Eagles' Wings Ministry
August 2017
Flags - Morning
Meet in Building B by 8:00am 

1. Kacie
2. Dean
3. Jonathan W.

 Morning Carpool
Meet in Building A by 8:00am

1. Gili
2. Lilly B
3. Emma
4. Rachael

 Afternoon Carpool
Door Helpers

1. Bryce
2. Raymond

 Afternoon Carpool
1st Grade

1. Joshua

Flags -Afternoon

1. Micah
2. Kate
3. Joy
Afternoon Carpool

1. Kinley


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