Fifth Grade

Week of Apirl 15-19

Upcoming Tests or Projects

Bible Test: lesson 1-7 ~ Wednesday, April 24

Each week we are working on a social skill. Be sure to ask your child about this. Here's the social skill for next week:

How to Say "NO"

1. Look at the person.

2. Use a calm voice.

3. Say clearly that you do not want to participate.

4. Suggest something else to do.

5. If necessary, continue to say "NO."

6. Leave the situation.


Holidays on Friday, April 19th and Monday, April 22nd ~ We hope your family has a blessed Easter!

Friday, April 26 is College shirt day

Students are allowed to wear a college shirt from their favorite college with jeans or uniform bottoms.

Intermediate School Chapel (5th and 6th grade only) is every Thursday 8:50-9:40am. Please join us anytime!

Chapel Dress: Top: Navy polo (or dress) Bottom: Khaki (no plaids)



Ch. 13 ~ Adjectives and Adverbs

Homework: Please See RenWeb



Nonfiction ~ Autobiography: The Year I got Polio

Reading Strategies

Homework: Please See Renweb



Theme: Victory ~ God is Victorious

Cumulative Review for lessons 1-7

Memory Verse: No memory verse this week

Homework: Please See Renweb



Topic 12 ~ Perimeter and Area

  • Customary Units of Length
  • Metric Units of Length
  • Perimeter
  • Area of Squares and Rectangles
  • Area of Parallelograms
  • Area of Triangles

Homework: Please see RenWeb


Social Studies

We will be working in science the next few weeks.

Homework: Please see RenWeb



Chapter 7, Part 2 ~ Interactions in an Ecosystem

  • Meeting Needs: Plant Adaptations, Animal Adaptations
  • Relationships
  • Behaviors

Homework: Please see RenWeb


Mrs. Redding:

Mrs. Whitt:

Eagle Wings Ministry

Flags - Morning

Meet in Building B by 8:00am

1. Mason

2. Xia

3. Sloan

Flags - Afternoon

1. Ben

2. Jacob

3. Saiba

Carpool - Morning

Meet in Building A by 7:55am

1. Matthew

2. Colt

3. Connor

4. Luke

Carpool - Afternoon

Door Helpers

1. Sadie

2. Sarah

Carpool - Afternoon


1. Kyleigh

Carpool - Afternoon

1st Grade

1. Lindsey

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