Fifth Grade

Week of April 6-10


Website will be updated with assignments every Sunday by 3:00 (some videos will not be posted until the day the lesson is going to be taught)

****Scanning is the best way to send over documents!!!

Office Hours (for phone calls, FaceTime, etc):

Keri Whitt ~ Monday-Friday 11:00-12:00

Suhn Redding ~ Monday-Friday 10:00-11:00


English/Language Arts

  • Ch. 13 ~Adjectives and Adverbs

Monday, April 6~

  • watch video for Lesson 123 ~ Adverbs
  • complete IXL MM.3 (complete by noon on Wednesday, April 8)
  • Adjective Poster in link below:

  • Adverb Poster in link below:

Wednesday, April 8~

  • I.P. pg 234 Corrections in link below:

  • IXL ~ MM.3 (due today by noon)
  • watch video
  • Independent Practice pg. 236 complete Apply and Write (picture or scan due by noon on Tuesday, April 14)



Monday, April 6~

  • Raz Kids (due today by noon)
  • Watch short video for IXL ~ C.1 (due by noon Wednesday, April 8)

Wednesday, April 8~

  • watch video
  • My Book WS in link below: (due by noon Monday, April 27)



God is Good at Victory

God provided the victory for Deborah and Jael against Jabin, king of Canaan

  • 10 Biblical Concepts link below:

Thursday, April 9~ usp=sharing

  • Friday, April 10 is Good Friday ~ no "school"



Topic 9 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

DTR this week ~ NO NEW DTR THIS WEEK! (Going to take a break since it's Easter)

  • You do have DTR 6-4, 6-6 due Tuesday, April 7 at noon. Here's the link:

Tuesday, April 7

***The following assignments are due by noon today:

    1. IXL N.1
    2. DTR 6-4, 6-6

For today's lesson:

  • Watch video
  • Worksheet pg. 54 - due Thursday, April 9 at noon. The link is below:

Thursday, April 9 ~

***The following assignment is due by noon today:

  1. Worksheet pg. 54 - the link is above for Tuesday, April 7.

For today's lesson:

  • Watch video
  • Math textbook pgs. 495-496 - Must be completed before watching video for Tuesday, April 14!!!!


Social Studies

The French and Indian War - beginning American Revolution

Monday, April 6 ~

For today's lesson:

  • No new video for today. If needed, please re-watch video from Wednesday, April 1 for instructions for your INB Slideshow Project.
  • Continue working on your project. This is due on Wednesday, April 8 at noon.
  • Click the link for the instructions:

  • Click the link for my example:

  • Click the link below for video on how to insert a photo into your slideshow:

Wednesday, April 8 ~

***The INB Slideshow is due at noon today! See instructions from Monday, April 6.

For today's lesson:

  • Watch video
  • Here's the link to the reading to follow along with:

  • Stamp Act and Townshend Acts worksheet due Wednesday, April 15 at noon. Click the link below for the worksheet:



Chapter 7 ~ Part 1 (pages 171-181) - beginning Part 2 (pages 184-191) on Thursday

Tuesday, April 7 ~

For today's lesson:

  • No new video today. If needed, please re-watch the video from Thursday, April 2 for instructions for your test/project.
  • Continue working on your test/project. This is due on Thursday, April 9 at noon. The link is below:

Thursday, April 9 ~

***The test/project is due at noon today! See instructions from Tuesday, April 7.

For today's lesson:

  • Watch video
  • Make vocabulary cards - please have them completed by Tuesday, April 14. You don't need to submit a picture.
  • Here is a link to your vocabulary words:

Mrs. Broad

Art Lesson


Click on ART LESSON for this week's lesson.

Mrs Friedel

Ms Briner



Click on MUSIC for this week's lesson

Coaches Marlar & Barber


Follow along with the workout on the video. Have a family member join along with you and have some fun with a little Tae Bo workout!

For the week of April 6-10:

Complete one of the following throwing challenges using the two video links. One is an outdoor activity that will require a ball and parents permission :) and the other is a very simple indoor activity with some laundry equipment! Challenge a family member to compete along with you while you complete your activity. Have fun!


Mrs. Redding:

Mrs. Whitt:

Eagle Wings Ministry

Flags - Morning

Meet in Building B by 8:10am

1. Anjelica


3. Bo

Flags - Afternoon

1. Mallory

2. Lauren

3. Eden

Kindergarten Walkers:

Meet in Building E by 7:55am

1. Aaron

2. Elijah

Carpool - Morning

Meet in Building A by 7:55am

1. Evan

2. Brady

3. Norah

4. Jayden

Carpool - Afternoon

Door Helpers

1. Charlie

2. Mya

Carpool - Afternoon


1. Logan

Carpool - Afternoon

1st Grade

1. Hudson


1. Mya

2. Lauren

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