Fifth Grade

Week of January 14-18

Upcoming Tests or Projects

Bible Test: Wednesday, January 23


Martin Luther King, Jr. HOLIDAY ~ Monday, January 21

9:00 Late Start ~ Tuesday, February 5

Intermediate School Chapel (5th and 6th grade only) is every Thursday 8:50-9:40am. Please join us anytime!

Chapel Dress: Top: Navy polo (or dress) Bottom: Khaki (no plaids)

We have some fun dress days planned for this semester.

Jan. 24- Crazy Hair/ Crazy Sock Day

Students may come to school in a crazy hairstyle or with crazy colored hair as long as the color washes out. They may also wear crazy or mismatched socks that day.

Dear Parents,

The teachers in grades K-5 sent out a reminder that indicated our guideline on smart watches for grades PK-5.

The handbook reads ... "Electronic Watches (PK-5) are not appropriate for students to wear during the school day."

Examples of electronic watches are Apple watches, Android watches or watches on which you can play games, send or receive communications and watches where students may store data that would allow them to cheat. Also, any device or item that tends to distract students from instruction is considered inappropriate and may be taken up by the teacher. Lower level Fitbit watches which count steps and tell time should be appropriate as long as the student is not playing with them.


Mr. Priest

Dear Parents,

As the weather turns colder, we want to remind you of the RCS dress code for lower school.

Outerwear such as hoodies, sweaters, fleece wear, and sweatshirts must be ordered through Lands' End with the RCS logo or the Booster Club.

Heavy jackets of any color may be worn when outside temperatures are below 50 degree.

Thanks for your cooperation with this.

RCS Administration

Each week we are working on a social skill. Be sure to ask your child about this. Here's the social skill for next week:

How to Get the Teacher's Attention

1. Look at the person.

2. Raise your hand.

3. Stay calm.

4. Wait until the teacher says your name.

5. Ask your question.



Ch. 5 ~ Verbs

Ch. No Vocabulary this week

Please See RenWeb



Ch. 12 ~ Writing a biographical Research Paper

planning process ~ outlines

Homework: Please See Renweb



Theme: Bread~Isaiah and Ezekiel teach a valuable lesson

Memory Verse: Jesus said to them, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work." John 4:34

Homework: Please See Renweb



Topic 7 ~ Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

  • Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100, and 1,000
  • Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers
  • Estimating Products
  • Multiplying Two Decimals
  • Dividing Decimals by 10, 100, and 1,000
  • Dividing a Decimal by a Whole Number
  • Estimating Quotients
  • Dividing and Decimal by a Decimal

Homework: Please see RenWeb


Social Studies

The French and Indian War

***Interactive Notebooks ~

  • Vocabulary
  • Beaver Furs
  • The Treaty of Paris
  • The Royal Proclamation of 1763
  • Maps - cardinal directions, compass rose
  • Battles of the French and Indian War

Homework: Please see RenWeb



We will be working on social studies the next few weeks.

Homework: Please see RenWeb


Mrs. Redding:

Mrs. Whitt:

Eagle Wings Ministry

Flags - Morning

Meet in Building B by 8:00am

1. Audrey

2. Slade

3. Brody

Flags - Afternoon

1. Kaydence

2. Hailey

3. Austin

Carpool - Morning

Meet in Building A by 7:55am

1. Luke

2. Eniya

3. Joey

4. Sam

Carpool - Afternoon

Door Helpers

1. Adalie

2. Brynley

Carpool - Afternoon


1. Riley

Carpool - Afternoon

1st Grade

1. Graham

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